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T: 505.989.9663

505 Cerrillos Road  Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Hours: M - F  10 am - 5 pm

Open by appointment during Covid-19 Pandemic

Saturday by appointment

E: info@oldwood.us

T: 505.454.6007

425 Bibb Industrial Drive

Las Vegas, New Mexico 87701


Old Wood is not just flooring! We produce Torchies as well as a full line of Piñon and Juniper Firewood.

Visit our Firewood website at


© 2020 Old Wood LLC.

Toll Free: 888.545.9663 • Tel: 505.454.6007 • Email: info@oldwood.us


All of our wood is carefully selected, sawn, dried, machined and processed, and all orders are filled with adequate wood to complete the order as stated and paid for.

Orders should be carefully inspected upon receipt for quantity, quality, damage, defect, suitability, dryness and all other normal considerations. Any claim for damage must be made with the freight company on site at point of delivery. Orders should not be received or installed during inclement or rainy weather. Amounts should be verified upon receipt as Old Wood LLC is not responsible for subsequent shortages, which are often due to wood “walking off the job” and are wholly beyond our control.We carefully tally each order and keep documentation to this effect to avoid this type of problem.

We work with and sell wood, and it is subject to the full range of character and traits of the material. The customer must understand that wood is a natural product, and Old Wood is in no way responsible for its behavior as such.

If you are unhappy with any board for any “allowable and reasonable” reason, return it freight pre-paid to Old Wood LLC, 425 Bibb Industrial Drive, Las Vegas NM 87701, and we will replace it, no questions asked.

For entire order returns, restocking fees will apply as well as charges for damage, open bundles, re-drying in some cases as well as other charges applicable to the return. Many custom orders may not be returned; ask for details on your order. We strive to avoid these problems at all times.

Every effort will be made to solve problems in advance, and defective product should NEVER be installed. It is up to the installer and owner who are the final arbiters of a board’s or block’s suitability for the job intended. We are not responsible for installation and removal costs, or the cost of any discomfort, distress, accommodation, chemicals, stains etc. or other inconvenience due to defect in our boards or finish.

Actions and statements of agents of sale, freight, distribution, installation and finish are not binding upon Old Wood LLC or its heirs and assigns. No other warranty is expressed or implied here or in any other document in printed or electronic media.

Some “seconds” and lower grades of wood as well as discounted product are sold as-is with no warranty.

We strive for honest, open business relationships and to that end, we are always available for consultation. Please, please call if you have any questions. Avoid mistakes in advance by doing your homework and just maybe taking our advice. We work at this all day, every day, and we sincerely want you to have a great result with our wood.