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End Grain Panel (EGP)

Decades of knowledge, study, and practice have gone into the design and making of this gorgeous, wonderfully simple, yet durable floor.


End Grain is an exclusive floor, as we all know. Installation costs and technical aspects have limited its use to the most discerning projects. Old Wood knows; we’ve done them around the world from Kuwait to Kuala Lumpur. Beautiful, varied, simple, strong, and economical, this floor is a game changer and a market-maker. Not ‘tomorrows land fill today’ but an investment in an icon of refinishable quality and use.

  1. Engineered Solid Wood.

  2. Extremely simple installation.

  3. Light weight for high-rise use.

  4. Priced well to compete globally.

  5. Global Design and Legacy appearance.

  6. Legitimate green back-story and reality.

  7. Made from truly sustainable forestry sources.

  8. Nearly unlimited range of species and designs.

  9. Backerless, fully-finished end grain flooring panel.

  10. Manufactured using only the finest, cleanest glue and coatings.

  11. Backerless engineered design: no chemicals, no landfill, no worries.

  12. Commercial quality and superior durability, proven around the world.

Why use

End Grain

Panels from

Old Wood?

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