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Mika Old and Shiloh Old, of Old Wood, LLC. have been honored as 40 Under 40 class of 2020.

This year marks Woodworking Network’s fifth annual awarding of the 40 Under 40, which celebrates industry professionals who are making an impact at their jobs, in the community, and on the North American wood products manufacturing industry. Through innovation, motivation or inspiration, honorees are contributing in the areas of productivity, profitability, social good (locally or globally), ingenuity, innovation, peer inspiration, product development, organizational leadership, or another facet.

Entries were solicited in print, email and online at, with more than 140 nominations submitted in 2020. The candidates were judged by a team of editors, and the votes tallied.

In addition to recognition at avirtual reception on Aug. 26, at 1 p.m. CT/ 2 p.m. ET,  honorees will also be profiled in articles online and in the October Leadership issue of FDMC. A special LinkedIn group,Wood Industry 40 Under 40, has also been set up for current honorees and all alumni to network.

Mika Old - Director of Marketing and Sales at Old Wood LLC

The director of Marketing and Sales at Old Wood LLC, Mika Old successfully manages both national and international sales of the company’s range of wood floors, including very wide planks, end grain wood blocks, and architectural elements. “Mika is a rock star,” says her nominator.

In addition to designing displays for the flooring specialist and assisting at numerous shows worldwide, the 29-year-old is also involved in managing high profile projects, including: the Singapore JW Marriot, Kuwait Ministry of Education, Museum of Modern Art NYC, Olympic Museum, and Chicago Children’s Museum. “She’s currently working on the National Library Israel and La Guardia Terminal 2, Portland Airport and others. Mika is all over the world every day from her showroom in downtown Santa Fe,” he adds.

In between projects, she “handles roughneck trucking companies for our daily shipments in our Flooring and Firewood divisions.” Old also manages and creates content for the company’s websites, and

Her efforts have contributed significantly to the Las Vegas, New Mexico-based company’s growth. “Mika is always on point helping, guiding, thinking and doing the work,” says her nominator, adding that Old is also motivated by “her love of family, and moral commitment from a love of God and country.”

Shiloh Old - Vice President, International Operations

Along with his sister Mika, Shiloh Old manage 60% of the sales and operations at Old Wood LLC, a “growing, international, stressed to the max small company.” Headquartered in Las Vegas, New Mexico, Old Wood specializes in manufacturing wood floors, including very wide planks, end grain wood blocks, and architectural elements, for national and international distribution.

The 31-year-old vice president, International Operations, “Shiloh does everything from run the six-head moulder, sanders and shop equipment, to being the master of our modern UV/IR automated rollout finishing line – both in one day, while managing crews of 30-plus folks. In addition, he also manages our Firewood division, which is more like a national level business than you would ever imagine with revenues of around $1 million and growing,” says his nominator. Old also helps design products and display booths for national and international trade shows, and also participates at the shows. “Old Wood would be nowhere without Shiloh.”

With a degree in International Business and Marketing, Old is also motivated by  “the thrill of the chase.”  An experienced pilot he is often “flying our small company plane to meetings on the reservations we frequently do business,” or “traveling, sometimes alone on two-week international sales journeys, with the support of U.S. and New Mexico trade officials to Southeast Asia, Middle East and elsewhere.”

Adds the nominator, “He is a machine.”


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