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Old Wood on Blue Collar Millionaires

David grew up on a working cattle ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His aha moment was when he realized the ranch was covered with trees and they might hold value, but he had no knowledge of the lumber or logging industry. He went all-in and invested his own savings into a saw mill and began a small-scale logging operation, which led to his first lumber sales and Old Wood LLC was born. One of the company's first big clients was American radio host Don Imus who commissioned Old Wood to build custom wood floors for his home in New Mexico. Three years ago, David's son Shiloh joined the family business and through making key partnerships, has already tripled the company's profit. David and Shiloh are passionate about the outdoors, and tend to spend their money on outdoor related activities. Together they will go on excursions deep into the wood to ride their Sno-Cat and snow mobiles. Both are ex-pro motorcycle riders so they're always buying brand new bikes

Watch the video below or follow the link to CNBC to watch the video.


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