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Santa Fe Showroom

Old Wood Nears Completion of Downtown Showroom

After years of being perfectly happy with a small factory showroom at our main plant, we decided that it was time to finally “move up in the world” and open a new showroom in Santa Fe. Yippee!?

Though the factory showroom in Las Vegas is still an important part of sales and who we are as a company, the new showroom will give us an opportunity to better serve clients in Santa Fe and the surrounding area.

After searching some time for a good location, we finally found the perfect spot easy to find and close to downtown Santa Fe. Located at 505 Cerrillos Road, the new Luna Complex is Santa Fe’s “first walkable green community”, and has room for retail space, design studios, restaurants and professional offices. The builder Davenport Construction Management has been doing an excellent job putting the project together, and Luna is quickly becoming one of the most stylish spots in town.

Our modest yet efficient space was designed and built especially for us. There is ample wall space to show our products in a gallery setting, and our comfortable couch and kitchen area will give us a pleasant place to talk design and process with our clients and collaborators. For the floors, we chose to go with a 5.25, 3.25” width mix of our Douglas Fir Mountain High Grade line, stained in our classic, custom OW#2 color. This elegant floor has been one of our most popular products for over a decade, and it would be a disservice to our history not to showcase it in our new space. The majority of the floor is an oiled ½”, mixed-width mesquite block floor. This is our most popular end grain floor, and for good reason! It is extremely durable, with good acoustic characteristics and a wonderfully unique style.

We deferred the installation to a total pro, and Nathan Daly of Cold Mountain flooring in Santa Fe has done a wonderful job of laying and finishing our floor for us. Working for know-it-all manufacturers is a hard job!

We have been waiting to open this showroom up for nearly a year now, and although a retail space is a daunting idea for we simple manufacturers, we are excited and ready to hit the ground running. We are certain that this new space will allow us to take better care of the homeowners, designers and architects that we so rely on to stay in business.

Look for our official move-in by the beginning of May 2014. An open house and industry reception will follow once we are all settled in and over the retail jitters. Now if they can only get the space next to us finished so that the brewery can finally move in…

Old Wood LLC 505 Cerrillos Road Santa Fe, NM 87501 Tel: 505.989.9663 Email:

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