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Tatanka Restaurant & Bistro in downtown Aspen, CO.

Old Wood is very excited to announce the completion of one of our favorite projects to date! Tatanka Restaurant & Bistro is a cool new restaurant in downtown Aspen. From the decor and design of the restaurant, to the incredible menu, no detail was too small to be left unconsidered. We are so excited to have been such an integral part of this wonderful project! From the beginning, Old Wood worked with the owners and the amazing design team to help create a warm and unique atmosphere. The owners of Tatanka loved that they could get all of their wood materials, from ceilings to floors and everything in between, from one place. They felt that Old Wood's unique and sustainable backstory and design conscious products were the perfect compliment to their new restaurant. Tatanka features our beatiful mesquite end grain flooring with a natural finish, our stunning 3D Tribal Wall made of small diameter cedar timber, a custom Douglas Fir beam package stained in rich, deep tones to match the ambiance of the space, and we even collaborated with Tatanka to create their beautiful custom tables and host stands! We hope that if you are ever in the Aspen area that you will stop by for a delicious meal, and of course to check out the amazing Old Wood products.

Please visit Tatanka's website at:


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